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Training Lab Equipments 
Lathe machine
Product Code : ASAC09
Lathe machine Height of Center(mm) 250 Width of Bed (mm) 325 Max Swing over bed (mm) 500 Max Swing over Slide (mm) 300 Max Swing in Gap 775 Spind ...
Hydraulic Power Hack Saw
Product Code : ASAEE5
Hydraulic Power Hack Saw Bed : Rigid casting with a wide through for collection of coolant, swarf & also houses the V - belts device, bed is single pi ...
Shaping Machine
Product Code : ASB19
Shaping Machine Specifications: (In mm unless specified otherwise) Working Stroke 450 Working Table 400 x 290 Max. Table Horizontal Traverse 500 ...
Universal Milling Machine
Product Code : ASEE4
Universal Milling Machine • Sturdy construction • Easy to use • Corrosion resistant • Abrasion resistant • Dimensionally accurate • Efficient p ...
Radial Drilling Machine
Product Code : ASAA3
Radial Drilling Machine Max. Drilling Diameter - Steel38mmMax. Drilling Diameter - Iron50mmMax Tapping Capacity - SteelM30Max. Boring Capacity - ...
Chop Saw Machine
Product Code : ASAV77
Chop Saw Machine Chop saw Quick release vice for fast clamping; 4-1/2" cutting capacity; Shaft lock for easy wheel change, Blade Diameter: 355mm ...
Vertical milling machine
Product Code : ASA55TU
Vertical milling machine This heavy duty vertical milling machine handles conventional milling, compound-angle milling, drilling, jig boring and other ...
Bench grinders
Product Code : AS3E25
Bench grinders Grinder 12" 180 Grit, 3600 rpm; - Two 12" Platen (120 or 180 grit, variable speed The compact and Bench Grinder Machine for statio ...
CNC lathe machine
Product Code : ASAC57UI
CNC lathe machine Max swing dia over carriage 140mm; travel odf X axis 250mm; travel of Z –axis 250mm; dia of spindle bearing 80mm; spindle bo ...
Bench Drill
Product Code : ASA890P
Bench Drill Drilling capacity in steel 13 mm, drilling depth 60 mm , distance column- sindle200mm, speed 400-3000rpm ...
Pillar Drilling machine
Product Code : ASATYP9
Pillar Drilling machine Table approx 300x400mm, speed150- 3000rpm, distance column-spindle 250mm ...
Product Code : ASAASD3
Multi-Former Bend width 1016mm; shearing thickness 1.6mm; bending thickness 2mm; bending angle 900; rolling thickness1.6mm min. rolling dia. 5 ...
Arc Welding Machine
Product Code : ASA2W 100B
Arc Welding Machine IS-217A, IT512A,48KVA@5% DUTY CYCLE Three phase power supply, 220V/380/400/415V/440V, 50HZ Light weight/ Heavy duty cycle. In ...
Slip roll (sheet Metal)
Product Code : ASAWQ12
Slip roll (sheet Metal) Max. Width1300mm; diameter of rolls 75mm, net weight 200kg ...
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAWV Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)welding
Product Code : ASAR43
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAWV Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)welding Power supply 220-240V; 50-60HZ; Output: OCV - DCI 175-85V,Current Range: 5-160; - Co ...
Gas metal arc welding (GMAW), /metal inert gas (MIG) welding / metal active gas (MAG) welding
Product Code : ASAWQ12
Gas metal arc welding (GMAW), /metal inert gas (MIG) welding / metal active gas (MAG) welding ...
Spot Welding Setup
Product Code : ASART57
Spot Welding Setup These single pulse battery spot welders are an affordable solution for businesses interested in welding batteries and packs. Capaci ...
AC-DC Welding Machine 250
Product Code : ASART66
AC-DC Welding Machine 250 This Ranger delivers XTra welding performance with 250 amps for AC or DC stick and wire welding. And, it is remote-ready for ...
DC Welding Machine 140
Product Code : ASART55
DC Welding Machine 140 MMA DC hand electrode welderMain Features: 1. Adopt with advanced MOSFET/IGBT inverter technology, save energy, protect the e ...
Gas Welding/Cutting Set
Product Code : ASART12
Gas Welding/Cutting Set These welding & cutting equipment sets are ready to connect to most types of portable Oxy/Acetylene gas cylinders, with a whee ...
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