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Electronics Circuits Equipment 
Electric Circuit Lab
Product Code : CIR-LABAST-001
Electric Circuit Lab The KL-100 Linear Circuits Lab(1) Electric Circuits Lab is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for tuition and ...
Electronic Circuit Lab
Product Code : CIR-LABAST-002
Electronic Circuit Lab ElECTRONIC CIRCUIT LAB is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for anyone engaged in electronic circuit experime ...
Basic Electricity Circuit Lab
Product Code : CIR-LABAST-003
Basic Electricity Circuit Lab is ideal for electrical, mechanical, automative, automotive, science, civil & electronics engineering learning. ...
Digital Logic Lab
Product Code : CIR-LABAST-004
Digital Logic Lab The KL-300 Digital Logic Lab is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for anyone engaged in digital logic experiments ...
Advanced Digital Logic Lab
Product Code : CIR-LABAST-005
Advanced Digital Logic Lab The KL-310 Advanced Digital Logic Lab is designed for students and engineers interested in developing and testing prototy ...
General Digitized Training System
Product Code : CIR-LABAST-006
General Digitized Training System The is a basic digital logic circuit training system. It includes combinational logic and sequential logic experi ...
Intelligent Digitize Emulated Achievement Lab
Product Code : CIR-LABAST-007
Intelligent Digitize Emulated Achievement Lab intelligent digitize emulated achievement lab is a digitized based training system, which utilizes integ ...